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Mr. Vrbka's E-Learning Expectations


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Mr. Vrbka’s E-Learning Expectations


As we transition to an electronic based learning environment I would like to thank everyone for being flexible and working with me as we work our way through this together. Remember that the school building has been closed but learning and schooling will still continue. If for any reason you can’t access anything due to lack of Internet access, other arrangements can be made. Just let me know I will make adjustments as needed.


Students will need to know their school email and password to access the online materials. If you have any problems with this contact me or Mr. Freeman we will help you get access.  Student’s individual school email will be how I will contact them and let them know when things are due and when new assignments are posted. Students need to check their email daily to receive updates from me. I will post and share classroom notes and worksheets to a shared Google drive folder that each student can access using their school email address. If you have any problems accessing this material please contact me. I will update the Google drive folder each Monday morning, with materials for that week’s assignment. Assigned work needs to be turned back in to me via email by that Sunday before 11:59 pm.  


1. Students will need to read their chapter notes.  The students will need to import these new notes from Google Drive to Notability. We would have gone over notes together in class. Reading the notes will help the student to understand the chapter materials and theme. Students do not need to turn this is to me.


2. Students will need to import to Notability their chapter worksheets from Google Drive. Again, if you have any trouble doing this let me know.  Once the student is done with the worksheet they need to email the completed worksheet back to me from Notability. These worksheets WILL BE GRADED!!!


3. Each week I will also put in the Google folder a list of “enrichment” videos that each student could watch to make each chapter material more relatable and interesting. Most of these videos can be found on Youtube or Hulu or whatever streaming device available. The videos that they find can be 5 minutes long or 25 minutes long but after each video the student needs to send me the title of the video they watched and a short summary of what they watched. The students can email or text me this assignment. This assignment WILL BE GRADED!


Both assignments (worksheet & video summary) will be graded and will be due at Sunday 11:59 pm for that given week to receive credit. Students need to email or text me their assignments.


If you have any questions below is my contact information.

If you do need to contact me I will do my best to reply to you with an answer ASAP.



cell phone: 308-991-8292

Facebook page: Loomis Social Studies 7-12