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Math 7 and Math 8


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Math 7 and Math 8



Homework will be assigned most days.  Any homework assigned will be corrected in class the next time we meet.  Please check your child's planner for their assignment, as I have students write in their planners each day!  Any homework not corrected with the rest of the class (whether it is unfinished, lost, left at home, or in a locker) is considered late.  Late papers turned in within two weeks will be graded at 50% of the score.  Any homework more than two weeks late will be graded at a 0%.  

*If a student is absent and he/she knows about an assignment before they left, it will be due when the student returns to school.



Students will take a test at least once per chapter.   Tests will account for 40% to 75% of your student's grade  (5th grade closer to 40% and 8th grade closer to 75%).


Daily Grade:

Each day students are graded on bringing all of their materials to class.  Students start the week with five points, and lose one point for each item that is forgotten during the week.  One daily grade score per week is added to the gradebook each week.

Materials to bring:


Notes Quiz:

Students are asked to take notes during most lessons.  In order to convince students to attend, take notes and keep the notes organized, students may be assigned a notes quiz after each chapter.  Students will be allowed to use all of their notes for this quiz.  They can not use their book or any one else's notes.