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Algebra 1


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Algebra 1 is the first of the four college-prep math classes that Loomis School offers.  It is taken during the freshman year. 

Because this class is not required (a student could take Prealgebra), we move through the material at a quick pace.  We have high expectations for each student to commit the appropriate amount of time and effort to learn the material.



Homework is a critical part of Algebra 1 and will be assigned regularly.  Just as athletes must practice their sport often, math students must practice their math often.  Homework is the method of practice, and is necessary to help commit the concepts to memory as quickly as possible, as we move forward to new concepts each day.  Homework may or may not be graded.  Homework should not be looked at as a large part of the overall grade, as its main purpose is practice towards mastery of concepts.



Each chapter will have at least one test.  To assure that a student's overall grade reflects concept mastery, tests will be the main portion of the Algebra 1 grade.  


Additional Help:

Any student that is struggling/concerned with a concept should see me as soon as possible!  Algebra concepts build upon one another.  Not grasping a concept has an enormous impact on the ability to learn future concepts, and the Algebra 1 grade.  I am available before school, after school, during planning time, and during study hall.